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Free Shipping Furnace Filters Canada

At Furnace Filters Canada you receive FREE shipping site wide!*

We realize your time is important and calculating ship fees are time consuming. As we are updating our Filter Website, please bring to our attention if you were charged shipping in Canada so we can issue you that credit.

Free filter delivery applies to all major cities and towns in Canada including Ontario (ON), Quebec (QC), Manitoba (MB), British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), New Brunswick (NB) and Nova Scotia (NS).

If you live outside these provinces, OR in a rural area within these provinces, you may be subject to shipping charges.

In this event, we will email you prior and give you the option to pay shipping or cancel the order without any cancellation fees.

 We no longer ship to PO Box addresses. Please supply us with a physical delivery address to avoid any delays.


If we shipped to the address you provided and items are returned, shipping is non refundable  You may be subject to additional shipping charges if we have to re-ship


*free shipping special started May 1,2016
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