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Furnace filters Ottawa Ontario Canada. Ottawa filtration , 16x25x5 , M1-1056 filter. On. Can.

Welcome to furnace filters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Toll free (1 888 301-3337)- furnace filters Canada.

Our online site dedicated to the Ottawa region. this site is here to let Ottawa Ont. residents of where they can get all types of hard to find furnace filters.

Do you know the filtering products you need ?

We do, just tell our filtration experts, you sizes, example, (16x25x5) and we can find the real size of your (furnace filter).

Remember just because you air filtration number is (16x25x5), does not really mean that is the real size.

For example, the M1-1056 air filters in Ottawa are really, 

M1-1056 GENUINE 16x25x5 (Actual Size: 15-3/8 X 25-1/2 X 5-1/4) MERV 11 GOODMAN, ELECTRO-AIR, FIVE SEASONS, CARRIER 16X25 MEDIA FILTERS.


See what i mean?




See what i mean?????


 Call to get the best deal on M1-1056 furnace filters, and all our 16 by 25 by 5 filters today. your Canadian filter online shop.


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